1. Quit all inessential applications before you begin the meeting

As you will be sharing your whole desktop, just make sure anything you don’t want participants to see is closed.

2. Open the Powerpoint file you wish to share

Before the meeting starts, have the file/s you want to use in the meeting open and ready to go.

3. Share your entire screen

After clicking on the ‘Share’ button, just make sure you select to share your entire screen, rather than an individual application window. The reason for this, is that when you ‘present’ a Powerpoint document, it essentially opens a second application, so unless you are sharing your whole desktop, participants won’t see the presentation. 

4. Log in via your mobile phone to manage meeting

So that you can monitor who is on the call, check if anyone raises their hand or writes something in the chat box, just join the same meeting via the nTwine app on your smartphone (be sure to keep it muted or select ‘view only’ when joining).